Middle Eastern Oil Funds Terrorism.
According to the US Department of Energy, the following companies import Middle Eastern oil.
Each time you fill your car with gasoline from one of these companies, you are giving a contribution to terrorists like ISIL. The number next to each company's name indicates the confirmed number of barrels purchased from the Persian Gulf in 2010 (the latest verifiable stats):

Shell: 5,620,000
Conoco: 18,687,000
Amoco/BP/76/Phillips: 55,906,000
Chevron/Texaco: 91,168,000
Valero: 92,305,00
Exxon /Mobil: 121,300,000

Boycott companies that fund terrorism. Because you don't want to earn this hashtag from ISIS:

CITGO is 100% Venezuelan oil, and therefore supports a regime that has largely defined itself through its opposition to the United States. Venezuela has “failed demonstrably” to adhere to its obligations under international counter-narcotics agreements and to take certain counter-narcotics measures. The Narcotics trade is the second largest revenue stream for worldwide terror networks, so while Venezuela is certainly a better recipient of your money than Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qa'ida, or ISIS, it's still less than ideal.

So which companies DON'T fund terror? 


These companies import 0 barrels of Persian Gulf oil, and are not part of larger conglomerates that do business with Middle Eastern Oil producers. Independent, unaffiliated stations may or may not get their oil from EIA, or Persian Gulf sources; it's basically impossible to tell. ARCO, for instance, was recently acquired by Tesoro, and while the AM/PM stations are still owned by BP, they are serviced with ARCO gasoline.

Almost all oil companies are responsible for severe environmental damage. ARCO is responsible for America's largest Superfund site, which it contaminated with over 120 miles of hazardous substances and pollutants classified by the Environmental Protection Agency as toxic waste. This is why it is imperative to support and implement alternative sources of energy production. Oil lobbyists routinely petition state and local governments to pass regulations against solar, wind, geothermal and other zero emission technologies.

#oilfundsterror so #stopfundingterror

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